The Someone Animal Adoption


Find daily news about the animals that The Someone rescued—animal adoptions, foster care needs, lost animals, and other related updates on The Someone Newspaper.

💮  ADC 102nd Annual Award
Branding · Art Direction

Figma · Illustrator · PhotoShop · Procreate


[ Across the Universe ]
[ Emotions of Machine ]
[ Bloom in the Grid ]
[ Memory Fragmentation ]

💮  DEMO Festival, Netherlands
New Media Art · Motion Graphics


under Construction


Construction is an interactive display font that embodies constant transformation and unlimited potential. Through its de/re-construction, this font takes on a dynamic and ever-changing formation that defies the boundaries of fixed structures.

Interactive Typeface
JavaScript · jQuery · CSS · HTML

Infobesity Syndrome


"Infobesity Syndrome" is a campaign, aims to inspire people to reflect on their own information consumption habits and to make more mindful choices when it comes to the type and amount of information they consume.

PhotoShop · Blender · Processing · Figma

Wild With · visual identity


The non-traditional pet brand—Wild With aims to construct a new life style towards the coexistence of pets and human being in the modern world.

Branding & Identity
Figma · Illustrator · PhotoShop

Through the Eyes

2020 · 2022

A collection of experimental cameras that alter the point of view of digital lenses.
[ No Signal ]
[ Imcomplete Impression ]

New Media Art
P5.Js · TouchDesigner

VJ ︎


[ Candlelight, Sunset Rollercoaster, feat. Oh Hyuk ]

New Media Art

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