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ADC 102nd Annual Award 💮

The Someone Animal Adoption

Find daily news about the animals that The Someone rescued—animal adoptions, foster care needs, lost animals, and other related updates on The Someone Newspaper.

Branding · Brand Refresh

Confidential Project

Password available upon request.

New Media Art · Motion Graphics
DEMO Festival, Netherlands 💮

Visual Poetry

Visual Poetry is a series of animated visual poems that harness the evocative power of moving images, transforming them into a contemporary form of poetic expression. Each visual poem is designed to convey a distinct mood and atmosphere.

Interactive Typeface
JavaScript · jQuery · CSS · HTML

under Construction

under Construction is an interactive display font that embodies constant transformation and unlimited potential. Through its de/re-construction, this font takes on a dynamic and ever-changing formation that defies the boundaries of fixed structures.

New Media Art

VJ ︎

[ Candlelight, Sunset Rollercoaster, feat. Oh Hyuk ]

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