Branding · Art Direction

ADC 102nd Annual Award 💮

The Someone Animal Adoption

Find daily news about the animals that The Someone rescued—animal adoptions, foster care needs, lost animals, and other related updates on The Someone Newspaper.

New Media Art · Motion Graphics
DEMO Festival, Netherlands 💮

Visual Poetry

Visual Poetry is a series of animated visual poems that harness the evocative power of moving images, transforming them into a contemporary form of poetic expression. Each visual poem is designed to convey a distinct mood and atmosphere.

Interactive Typeface
JavaScript · jQuery · CSS · HTML

under Construction

under Construction is an interactive display font that embodies constant transformation and unlimited potential. Through its de/re-construction, this font takes on a dynamic and ever-changing formation that defies the boundaries of fixed structures.

New Media Art

VJ ︎

[ Candlelight, Sunset Rollercoaster, feat. Oh Hyuk ]

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