Lù Jia:

A multidisciplinary designer who constructs versions of parallel universes through visual innovation, experimental multimedia arts, and immersive interactive experiences.

Through her art practice, Lu focuses on the intersection of visual experience and creative technology, contunually exploring new media to express concepts.

Currently based in New York area, available for work and commissions.

Master of Fine Arts
DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY  ·  Parsons School of Design  ·  New York, NY
Bachelor of Fine Arts *with distinction
GRAPHIC DESIGN  ·  California College of the Arts  ·  San Francisco, CA


D&AD New Blood: Award Winner of The Portfolios
ADC 102nd Annual Awards
Brand / Communication Design - Branding Systems / Identities
Young Ones TDC Shortlisted
Visual Poetry  ·  DEMO Festival, Netherlands 
In October 2022, DEMO(Design in Motion Festival) displays on more than 5000 screens in the public space in the Netherlands.

Light Space Art Exhibition, HOT·BED Gallery, Philadelphia, United States
Immersive Design for Health Global Competition winner, The Jefferson Center of Immersive Arts for Health

In the Blink of an Eye  ·  Echoes, Design and Technology Exhibition, Vera List Center, New York City, United States

Hello From the Other Side  ·  Ask: Our Diverse World Exhibition, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

De Stijl Generator  ·  Web Design Award, GDUSA, United States
Raise Boys and Girls the Same Way—a wooden craft seesaw  ·  Student Award and Exhibition, California College of the Arts

Graphite, Student Art Award, 1st Place, Women’s Club of Altoona, United States
2016 Artist of the 21st Century Student Art Exhibition, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, United States

Watercolor Landscape, Student Art Award, 1st Place, Women’s Club of Altoona, United States
2015 Artist of the 21st Century Student Art Exhibition, Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, United States



THE SOMEONE  ·  Branding/Visual Identity/Art Direction
︎Conducted a comprehensive analysis of The Someone's goals and objectives to create a unique visual identity and branding that set it apart from other animal adoption organizations.
︎Designed a compelling visual identity that resonated with potential pet adopters, resulting in a significant increase in pet adoption applications.
︎Tripled social media followers, comments, and reposts within three days of launching the new branding, resulting in increased visibility and awareness of The Someone's mission.

WILD WITH  ·  Branding/Visual Identity/Art Direction/UIUX
︎Conducted an in-depth analysis of the pet supplies market to assess brand positioning and identify key values and visuals that align with the company's mission and goals.
︎Developed a complete brand system and visual identity for Wild With that includes a cohesive set of design assets, such as the logo, brochure, packaging, and label, that reflect the brand's personality and values.
︎Designed the UI/UX of Wild With's app, ensuring that it incorporates the new visual identity and provides a seamless user experience that aligns with the brand's messaging and tone.
TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY  ·  Hello From The Other Side
︎Collaborated with a team from Tsinghua University to design and develop an interactive device for long-distance communication.
︎Played a key role in the project, contributing to the ideation, prototyping, and testing phases.
︎ Demonstrated strong teamwork and communication skills, working effectively with a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures.
ONEPLUS  ·  Muted Time
︎Designed a mobile theme—Muted Time that aims to reduce time anxiety and improve productivity for users.
︎Designed the Always on Display (AoD), icon packaging and animations to create a cohesive and visually appealing theme.
︎Worked closely with the IT team to ensure seamless execution and implementation of the theme on OnePlus mobile devices.
︎Received positive feedback from users on the theme's functionality and design.

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