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Tree Trunks · LCD screens · 110° wide-angle 2.8mm lens webcam · plaster · concrete · cables
7” x 7” x 45”  ·  7” x 9” x 22”

In the Blink of an Eye

In the Blink of an Eye is a blend of a tree and machine existing in an urban environment as if they grew, assimilated and developed into a merged form. Taking the tree as a first-person perspective, the installation reflects and visualizes the presence and thinking of nature in urban space through the sculptural composition of tree, concrete, and LCD displays.

Wearable Device
Upcycled faux fur · upcycled plastic bag · sheer fabric · polyester fiber · plywood
22” x 22” x 24”  ·  21” x 21” x 20”

Under the Umbrella

The umbrella that brings you into a unique little world. Under The Umbrella is a series of handcrafted umbrellas that construct worlds of various types.

MoCap and Performance
Rokoko · Unity · PhotoShop · Premiere · Illustrator · Projection Mapping
Paper · string · pole

Corporate Slavery

The project finds the connection between traditional shadow play and motion capture, depicting the theme of "corporate slavery"(社畜) and manipulation in contemporary society.

New Media Art
2020 · 2022
P5.Js · TouchDesigner

Through the Eyes

A collection of experimental cameras that alter the point of view of digital lenses.
[ No Signal ]
[ Imcomplete Impression ]

JavaScript . HTML . CSS

De Stijl Generator

De Stijl Generator is an interactive website allows people to create their own De Stijl artworks.

XR Experience
Unity · Gravity Sketch · Styly


Goodnight captures the feeling of having lots of random fragmented thoughts that stops us from falling asleep at night through an immersive XR experience. Goodnight consists of two components—an immersive VR experience and a physical pillow that plays the role of a trigger.

New Media Art

404 Page Not Found

An interactive sketch reacts to contemporary survilliance.

New Media Art
P5.Js · Processing

Creative Coding

[ Between You and Me ]
[ One Day Exhibition ]
[ Incomplete Impression ]
[ Info Age · bitmap game ]

[ Experimental Clocks ]
[ Data Portrait ]
[ R325 · painting with code ]
[ BFF ]

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