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Experimental Cameras

2022 - present
Collection of experimental webcams
TouchDesigner, p5.js



> A series of sound reactive web cameras displaying our relationship and experience with the digital screens.

Incomplete Impression

2020,  p5.js

Through the interactive camera, the viewer experience the gap between different perspectives.
When your eyes are open, you see yourself reflected on the cam.
When your eyes are closed, your mirrored self gets distorted gradually and people around start talking. But you can’t see how you get distorded.

The “eyes open” state represents your own perspective; the “eyes closed” state signifies others perspective which you can’t see.
There is gap between different perspectives as we never able to truly stand in other’s point of view. And the reality can be distorted by the gap.

/ Click to experience the camera: Incomplete Impression / Without Seeing /

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