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Creatice Coding

Creative Coding Sketches
2020 - present
p5.Js . JavaScript . CSS . Html


Between You and Me


The experimental clock visualizes the time difference that me and my family/friends have to experience. Two clocks are overlapped on each other displaying the time from two different time zones.

The clock shifts irregularly is like feeling the stretching of time, and seeing the passage of time. The distortion could also reflects an individual’s own internal times conflicting with the universal clock.

One Day Exhibition

experimental exhibition

The One Day Exhibition constructs an experimental digital exhibition experience on the theme of time and weather.

The exhibition website displays a single artwork associate with the time and weather for each hour frame. The structure is inspired by the nature of time and weather, as weather is always specific to time. The visitor has to comeback each hour to view the artworks. They won’t be able to view the work out of the time that is assigned.

Click see the artwork on display right now: One Day Exhibition

Incomplete Impression / Without Seeing

experimental camera

Through the interactive camera, the viewer experience the gap between different perspectives.

Visit here to try the camera: Incomplete Impression / Without Seeing

Info Age


Bitmap Game

In this Information Age, we are inblued with all kinds of information all the time. Are those all true? Do we really need to know a lot of those? We are sometimes "forced" to absorb those informations. And those would influence us even if we don't intent to. We may lose our own opinion when we browse through infinite information. 

I build the game to let the avatar tries to "escape" from the layers of informations, not being blocked/limited by the perspectives that the news are giving. There aare three levels: navigate to the “TO THE NEXT PAGE” entry to go to the next level. Be carefull not to let the info blocks take over you.

Click to play: Info Age Game

Experimental Clock


Time to me is never stable. My relationship with time varies. Sometims it is a concrete subject that I can clearly see, but more often it is abstract and blurred to me.

Data Portrait


Music is a big part of my daily life. Especially during the pandemic, music connects with my emotion a lot more than usual. For this project, I recorded everytime I listen to music; the mood I felt from the song; and while as how many times I listened to that song during that day.Through the data portrait, I could get a "playlist" that visualize the connection between the music and my emotion.


digital painting

A drawing completed by code.
Click to pause the soundtrack; click again to play.

BFF 友谊地久天长


An interactive digital illutraction of a lost bracelet that witnesses a friendship.

Hover on the canvas to stamp.