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2020 - present

Between You and Me

2020, P5.Js

jetlag visualization clock

The experimental clock visualizes the time difference that two in different timezones have to experience. Two clocks overlapping on each other and differs from each other. The irregularly movement of the clocks is like the stretching and passage of time.

Info Overload 


2020, P5.Js
Click to play: Info Age Game

bitmap game

In this information age, we are forced to absorb informations all the time and everywhere. Those info would influence us even if we don't intent to. Overwhelmed amount of information paralyzes our minds; weakens our curiosity and desire to discover. We may gradually lose the ability of independent thinking and personal views.


One Day Exhibition

2020, P5.Js
Visit the exhibition: One Day Exhibition

time-specific exhibition

The One Day Exhibition constructs an experimental digital exhibition experience on the theme of time and weather.

The exhibition website displays a single artwork associate with the time and weather for each hour frame. The structure is inspired by the nature of time and weather, as weather is always specific to time. The visitor has to comeback each hour to view the artworks. They won’t be able to view the work out of the time that is assigned.

Experimental Clocks

2020, P5.Js

internal time vs universal time

The two experimental clocks visualize the conflicts between my internal clock and the universal clock in two forms. My internal time could get blurry and chaotic even if the universal time goes steadily as it is set to be.


Data Portrait

2020, P5.Js

music playlist visualization

This is a data portrait of my playlist and the mood for each song. Through the data portrait, I return a playlist that visualizes the connection between the music and my emotion.


2020, P5.Js

painting with code

A portrait of space-travelling creature R325, painted with code.
Click to pause the soundtrack. Click again to play.

BFF 友谊地久天长

2020, P5.Js

interactive sketch

An interactive digital illutraction of a lost bracelet that witnesses a friendship.
Hover on the canvas to stamp.


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