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California Academy of Sciences

Book Design

Kettle Stitch Bookbinding . Screening Printing . Photography
InDesign . PhotoShop

︎ A book designed for California Academy of Sciences.
︎ The front and back cover is constructed using acrylic boards symbolizing the transparent, futuristic archtecture.

California Academy of Sciences. Museum in San Francisco, California

︎ The cover is screenprinted with its signature butterfly.
︎ Kettle stitch bookbinding allows the book to lay completely flat. Hand sewn by myself.
︎ All photos in the book are taken by me.

Once Upon a Time .  Book Merch

A card game called “Once Upon a Time”. All playing cards are printed on clear papers. Cards from different categories(characteris- tic, character, location, event) are designed to stack up to come up with a story.