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“I m a mere flower”

Digital Interactive Flower Generator

Fall 2020

· context ·

Stray Birds

is a collection of three hundred and twenty short poems by Rabindranath Tagore, originally written in Bengali, translated into many other languages. A short poem from Stray Birds about flower caught me attention during the quite, “restling” fall season.

english version ︎︎︎   
"WE, the rustling leaves, have a voice that answers the storms, but who are you so silent?"
"I am a mere flower."
chinese version ︎︎︎

· concept ·
A mere flower that grows in its own way.

what kind of flower you are?
To illustrate the depiction, particularly the flower, I made this flower generator through P5.js.
Which also allows the user to create their own type of flower.

first draft ︎︎︎
If you hover your cursor on the sketch below. Hovering on the left, the middle, and the right side of sketch, you will see slight different types of flower generated.

All forms are randomized, and freely generator. Move around and find your own type of flower.
Click on the sketch anytime to download your flower.

final “a mere flower” generator ︎︎︎
The second sketch removes the color variable. But brings more of the mood of the poem into the visual depiction, through the color choice and the texture overlay.

Hovering on different spots of the canvas would result on slightly different petal generations.
Click on the sketch anytime to save your own flower.
The poem will be randomly place on the sketch at the time you click.

extension ︎︎︎
Using the same method, and similar set of codes.
I created a little animation depicting a running black sheep trying to win the race.

Click on the screen to save your black sheep’s winning moment.

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