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404 Page Not Found

Interactive Anti-Surveillance Site

Fall 2020

· context ·
Censorship is an occurring issue in China. It influences many aspects of the society. 404 Page Not Found illustrates the block of information, as well as the disappearing fact of the culture as part of the consequences of immoderate censorship.

“Seeing only what we are allowed to see, knowing what we are admited to know” causes much more issues than it appears. Loss of culture; manipulated thoughts; restrained cultural development and transmission; repressive emotions from the censored ones; and so much more. Excessive censorship is counterproductive.

· first draft ·
"文化正在流失" ︎︎︎ written in simplified Chinese, means “the culture is disappearing”.
"傳統僅屬於過去" ︎︎︎ written in traditional Chinese, means “the traditional exists only in the past”.

interaction ︎︎︎
Hover on the sketch below. Move from left to right to reveal more information.
While the second part of the phrase is revealed, a flickering wall of text blocks fill the screen. It says “這是你想要的嗎?”, means “is this what you want?”

· second draft ·
Hover from left to the right of the sketch to trigger more information.

· final version ·
The final version further implements the censorship. Both hover and click and hold state is required to reveal the content.
Behind the 404 cencorship is the losing parts of the culture.

interaction ︎︎︎
For the sketch below, the pages appears to have a 404 error.
Hovering from left to the right will bring in a mosaic wall, censoring out all informations.
Click and hold from left to the right/right to the left to reveal the message.