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· context ·
Censorship is an occurring issue that has far-reaching consequences. "404 Page Not Found" interactive sketch aims to embody the effects of excessive censorship. It illustrates how censorship can lead to the blockage of information, resulting in the disappearance of cultural facts and the stifling of cultural growth and transmission.

By providing an interactive experience that simulates the effects of censorship, the project challenges users to confront the reality of censorship and its implications, and raises awareness of excessive censorship and the importance of free access to information.

· first draft ·
Hover and move from left to right on the sketch below to uncover information.

· final version ·
The version further implements censorship. Both hover and click and hold state is required to reveal the content. 

Hover from left to the right will trigger a mosaic wall, censoring out all informations.
Click and hold from left to the right to reveal the message.

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